Welcome to Traveldock

If you're a boating enthusiast and cherish your vessel then the TRAVELDOCK is a must have accessory.  The TRAVELDOCK is ideal for:

Sport ... Leisure ... Fishing ... Skiing ... Wakeboarding ... Speed ... or just plain Cruisin'...

The TRAVELDOCK can be used for nearly any water activity with ease in setting up and packing away.  You don't even need to get wet when setting it up, and it only takes around 10 minutes to do.

The TRAVELDOCK also makes it easier for families and friends to board the boat without having to get wet and drag mud and sand into your cherished craft... whether you are a recreational enthusiast orprofessional, you can increase your boating fun and mobility with this functional and good looking quality product. Based on durable rotomolded plastic pontoons, TRAVELDOCK is innovative technology at its best. This unique product is versatile and will increase stability and safety of boat access.

Born of a desire to enjoy the Magnificent Murray River, inventor Graeme Grieve conceived the Traveldock in 2000.

Two years in the making, the Traveldock has benefitted from substantial modelling and testing to ensure your pleasure and safety.

With 30 years involvement in the boating industry, Graeme's substantial experience, coupled with a professional development team, has resulted in a lightweight, safe product for use by most boating enthusiasts.

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