How to use your Traveldock...

The Traveldock Portable Docking System has been thoroughly tested in a variety of waterways and situations so you can be sure of its flexibility and safety.

Upon arrival at your favourite location,unpack the TRAVELDOCK, laying the two pontoons end to end.

Once the ends are butting up to one another, insert the clevis pins which are supplied in the TRAVELDOCK purchase pack.

Next, simply slide the TRAVELDOCK onto the waters edge.  Then place the gangplank in position and manoeuvre TRAVELDOCK to the desired location.

You are nearly there.  You can now walk out onto the TRAVELDOCK and set the poles.  This is done by inserting them through the pontoon at the desired position and scewing them into the river/lake bed.  In around 10 minuted TRAVELDOCK is ready for all your water activities until you're ready to pack it away to head home.

It's that easy... you didn't get wet and the family wont drag the mud onto your vessel.




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