Traveldock, the United States, and beyond.

Traveldock Pty Ltd is currently seeking expressions of interest from potential partners with a desire to assist entry of the Traveldock product into the U.S. and other market places.

The story in brief so far.

Traveldock Pty Ltd is an Australian company which was formed to develop and commercialise the Portable Dock concept .  Of the four specific stages which were identified to achieve this, three have been completed.  Eg. 1. Product Research and Development, 2. Product creation, testing and fine tuning, 3. Market testing (including selling) the finished product within Australia.  Feedback from Traveldock clients is 100% positive which demonstrates the quality of the product in use.
U.S. market appraisal has been completed via reports compiled by Austrade (Atlanta office of the Australian Export Trade Commission), a market research trip to the U.S., marine market statistical analysis and through website enquiry and feedback.

Where to now?

Traveldock Pty Ltd is now preparing to initiate stage four to complete the commercialisation process and to realise the significant potential which has been demonstrated.  While we are prepared for the challenge of international markets we understand the magnitude of the task and do not wish to attempt it without a suitable partner, particularly in terms of financial investment and market assistance.
If you are an individual or company that understands the inland marine market and would like to make a partnership enquiry, please use the enquiry form on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.  All enquiries will be received in the strictest of confidence.

Yours Sincerely

Graeme Grieve (creator of Traveldock, director of Traveldock Pty Ltd)

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